B. Carter's Art
Graphite Pencil Art and Portraits by Brian Carter
Non-standard sizes and those larger than 20" x 30" can
be requested, but may require additional time to order.  
I will email you the price for the size you request and
also let you know if it will require the drawing board to
be ordered.
Completion times will vary depending upon drawing
size, complexity, and other projects, but I will generally
need 2 weeks to complete a commission and have it
prepared for shipping.  Please consider this and
shipping time if you would like a commission completed
before a specific date.  I can give you a more accurate
estimate for completion time once details of your
drawing are finalized.
Please provide a digital photograph that is of sufficient
resolution to see the level of detail you would like in the
drawing.  For portraits, it is best if the subject is not
illuminated by a flash or directly from the front by some
other source because this tends to eliminate shadows
and reduce the sense of depth.
Creating an accurate likeness of someone is a large
portion of the work for portraits.  Requests involving
multiple faces will require more work and be more
time-consuming.  Each face in addition to the first adds
15% to the price.
I will email you a PayPal® invoice once we've finalized
details of your drawing and before I begin.  Payment is
50% of the drawing's cost as a retainer and the
remaining 50% upon completion.
I will email you photographs periodically so you can
follow the progress as I work on your drawing.
I use 400 and 500 Series Strathmore® Bristol Board.
I will ship your drawing either U.S. Postal Service or
UPS and will provide you a list of their shipping
options.  The package will be insured for the full value
of the drawing.  I will send you a PayPal invoice that
incorporates your shipping option into the final 50%
payment.  After I receive your payment I will ship your
drawing and provide you with your package tracking
9" x 12"
11" x 14"
14" x 17"
15" x 20"
18" x 24"
20" x 30"
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